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Real Simple: one grocery run & done

First off… I got a MACBOOK (pro)! I couldn’t be happier and I anticipate my productivity will increase 10x-ish. Best of all, it only cost me $300! How? Well… I had an idea to put up a Craigslist post looking to trade my Dell XPS 15. Within days, boom, swap, $300 & done. I love this machine. I hate I still have to live that #donglelife and I’m iffy on this touch bar but wow, Apple just gets it.

Onto the real topic: Groceries -- your 3rd largest annual spending category annually behind only shelter and transportation. Literally a week ago today, my girlfriend Claire was looking through our latest issue of Real Simple magazine and found an article called “One Grocery Run & Done.” We had problems with our Dinnerly box subscription being late recently and temporarily delayed our membership so we thought this would be the perfect time to try out a meal prep plan. Best of all, the article lays out 6 days of dinner recipes and, for most, you only need to buy FIFTEEN ingredients in total.

After meticulously going through each recipe and creating a shopping list, we discovered the post-it sized grocery checklist at the very end of the article… (Real Simple, consider putting this on page one in the future). And off we went on the Vespa to go shopping!

I’ll keep this real simple - see what I did there?? We spent $75-ish dollars because we needed 19 ingredients, as opposed to the 15 they require. Each meal actually produces 4 servings so we kept leftovers and had them for lunch the next day. So, $75/24 servings (6 meals x 4) = $3.125 per person/meal. That’s pretty freaking awesome. In the video below I mention if you only needed the 15 ingredients it’s more like $60/24 = $2.50. That’s awesomer.

Real Simple, well done. Slow clap. Mic drop. You’ve always nailed the recipe section in the back but I’m fully in favor of you making this kind of meal plan article a regular thing in upcoming issues. I double dog dare you to sponsor my next video if you decide to do so...

Let’s be honest, meal research, plan, note, argue, shop, argue, buy new stuff for every night of the week, repeat -- ain’t nobody got time or patience for that. Try a plan like this one and save yourself the struggle. Or maybe not this one. Truth be told, in trying to find this article to link to in the description of that there YouTube video below, we ended up finding a handful of other similar articles. There are plenty of resources but seriously, try this plan first to see if this makes any sense for you and go from there.

Bottom line: commit to something like this for a week. It’ll shave time off planning, it’s mostly healthy, it provides leftovers so you can brown bag it for lunch, and $2.50 is HALF of what you might be spending on your morning latte. So boom, $2.50 and done. No fuss. No struggle.

Looking to trade: Expensive take out meals with a super cheap, delicious meal plan that requires one grocery store run & done.


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