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An Update & A Preview: Ch 14

It's been a long, arduous process but the book is getting close to submission for Amazon's approval! While I didn't meet my aggressive self-imposed goal of 1/31, I decided to post a chapter preview today while I continue to finalize these last few critical steps.

I'm hoping to have a preorder link available in the next few days! Main reason for the delay? Trying to launch BOTH print and digital at the same time rather focus only on the the Kindle version. Plus, you only get one shot at a successful launch and standing out in the crowd and clutter. (Top 12-million ranking on Amazon here I come!!)

Want the 101 checklist early? It's on ETSY for $.99! There's something else in my "store" you wine lovers out there might need...

More to come very soon. Meanwhile, Enjoy Chapter 14: Ten Simple Things You Can Do Right Now (scroll)

PS - do one of these steps today!

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