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52-Week Money Challenges (Why & How!)

It’s March. How’s your New Year’s resolution looking? Personally, this is about the time of year when I’ve fallen off of my resolutions in the past. One that comes to mind is “cook one new thing a week, every week.” Pat on the back for cooking 10 new things that year… but it wasn’t quite 52!

If you’re like many, you set a resolution and have had varying degrees of success by now. However, it doesn’t need to be January 1st to set a resolution. You can set a 365-day “money resolution” any day of the year. In fact, I also like calling resolutions by another name: goals. Because goals are concrete. So here’s one super concrete way to set a money resolution (or goal) and tackle it systematically.

Try out a 52-week money saving challenge! It’s fairly simple: save a rotating amount of money weekly (or even daily) until you reach a specific number. Most of them start small with dollars, or even pennies, a day. If you’re saving $5,000 towards your emergency fund or a down payment, try this one out for example! Others are more consistent throughout the year like this one ($40-$80/week to get to $3,000). And some have a bunch of options and you pick which to cross off weekly like this one!

The above charts take you to Pinterest. Oh, Pinterest. I’ve missed you. I created a Money Resolution Pinterest page last weekend and found these charts everywhere! I created a board with a dozen charts as examples to get you started. Take a look around and see if you can find a chart that works well for you! This one even gamifies it further by having you roll a dice and save at random!

These charts live in lots of places beyond Pinterest. I also found some good ones poking around good ol’ Google image search. You can also find some great ideas on Instagram searching #52weekmoneychallenge. So, find your chart and get after it. Today’s the perfect day to set a new money goal.

Logistically, it could be as simple as moving money from your checking to your savings account on a set day of the week and time. If you’d rather do it digitally, there are a few apps I would recommend that can help you save during the challenge:

  • Tip Yourself (free)

  • Qapital (fee, currently starting at $3/mo)

  • Twine - if you want to try a challenge with a partner! (saving cash is free, investing is a small fee)

Good luck and have fun watching your pennies and dollars grow into Benjamins. Sure beats that dusty jar of change on the dresser!


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