You Can Hack It!

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Frankie's second book "Money You Can Hack It" releases early July and he needs your help! Join the book launch club today to help him finish and have a great release.


  • Updates on the book you won't get elsewhere. Peek behind the curtain...

  • Early access to the book as an advanced review copy. (3 weeks before release via email) 

  • A thank you shout out in the book.

  • Personal satisfaction of helping a friend and spreading the word of financial literacy :)

  • And more!

HOW YOU CAN HELP (optional):

  • Use the hashtag #MYCHIBOOK on any posts you create to help build buzz.

  • Send book feedback and ideas to Frankie directly. Have a hack? Send it over! If I include it, I'll give you credit.

  • Give the book a review on book release day

  • Request the book at your local library

  • Casually recommend the book at birthday parties, networking events, and other social situations even when not appropriate to the conversation...

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